Friday, May 26, 2006


I Love this man.

Why? Do I hear you cry?

Is it his rugged good looks? No
His cute wee hat? No, although I am partial to a man in a hat.
Is it because he is a Super-Flexer? Could come in handy but no.

I Love this man because today he gave me two tickets for
Indian Summer.
His name is Fraser and he is a DJ for the fine station that is Xfm Scotland.

Thank you Fraser for picking me as the winner. I do apologise for rambling on air for all the world to hear, but my 30 seconds of fame were pretty nerve wracking! I had just been reading about that festival and thought how nice it would be to have more money and be able to just buy tickets for things on a whim.

As they say in the weege, Ya Wee Belter!


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