Thursday, January 11, 2007

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Happy New Year to you.
I'm sorry guys, I seem to have lost all interest in this thing. I will get back on it sometime. Its just that at the moment I feel i have nothing much to tell you. As soon as something interesting or annoying happens ill be sure to let you know. Meantime why dont you lot tell me something interesting or annoying instead?


At 12:44 AM, Anonymous Dundee said...

Was wondering what had happened to you. After my conversations with Gay Angus on your MSN i thought you had disappeared.

Something interesting...hmmmm.....Well I woke up on Thursday morning with a ragged, circular wound in the middle of my left foot, all bloody and stuff. I think i might be getting stigmata. Apparently it happens bit by bit, so you never know!

At 3:24 PM, Blogger sarah said...

You are not the messiah, you're a very naughty boy. With a boil on your foot.

And how come you knew it was Angus right away? That freaked him out. And who said he was gay? And how come you always know when I've done a new post?

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Jodi said...

Too busy in the pub more like! Wroters Blog .... nice try Sarah but Angus blew it for you on MySpace. haha

Gonna give you a call and fill you in on all that's been going on in my life....and this time I am, really .... tonight - IF YOU'RE NOT IN THE PUB!!!!! xxx

At 2:28 AM, Anonymous Dundee said...

How dare you say that i am not the second coming!!!! It is not a boil, I do not get boils. Being a representative of the son of God, it is stigmata.

As for angus, well that also has something to do with me being the messiah. I knew it was him right away. His first message started off something about being really horny and asking me to help out. Shortly after, that burger king aberdeen angus advert came on and it prompted me to use that name in the MSN window.

The lord works in mysterious ways. In this case, he drew angus to me. I believe it was so that I could help him come to terms with his homosexuality. Gay Angus, i salute you and your scottish power chums!

At 1:41 AM, Blogger sarah said...

So Dundee you are basically saying that the possibility of me being horny and asking you to help out is so unimaginable that you knew instantly it had to be someone else? Ha ha ha ha ha!
It's fair to say I'm uncomfortable with the idea of you being God. But if you are can you perform a small miracle? Like say, make my bus arrive on time every day?

Jodi, was good to catch up ;-)

*Note to self,
only two people read my blog, I should perhaps work on a marketing strategy. To be fair though, at least one of the two people is God and I really do know he is listening.

At 9:11 PM, Anonymous GOD said...

If it makes you feel any better my friend dave reads your blog as well....that makes 3

Be good....


At 12:29 AM, Blogger sarah said...

Cheers god! Hello Dave?!

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous dundee said...

I'm sorry sarah, as the creator and ruler of all things, even i can't get lothian buses to run on time! :o(

Free will and all that crap, can't interfere with it!

As for the horny bit, watch what you say. Any more of your cheek and i will throw an immaculate conception your way!

PS - Anyone else think sarah looks like that Emily Watson woman?

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Dr Geist said...

i abseilled down the tower today

from the top

pic on myspace

At 7:28 PM, Blogger Dr Geist said...

u still an alkie sarah??

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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