Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bin a while....


I dunno what to write, I'm outta practice!
Had a wacky few weeks there, alans dad was very ill and everything went on hold for a while. He's doing great now though and there is talk of him getting out of hospital very soon.

I've got not hellish much else to tell you guys. I'm working in a wee hut in Princess Street Gardens. Its cold and requires a large bladder as I'm there on ma tod. All day.
I like to imagine I'm in Eastenders selling "Bling" and that Martin will pass by and take over me "Stawl" till I get a bacon roll in the caf and a quickie with Grant Mitchell but it never seems to happen.

What else?? Ehh ehh...
It's Jodis birthday today, shes still much younger than me, and we are going out on Friday to get her a bloke. Any bloke, as long as he's passable in the dark and can speak in sentences. Not that Jodi doesn't deserve and can easily get much better, just that I sense the urgency now and I reckon she's been eyeing up the spin cycle on her indesit.

That ll do ya, I'm cold in here and I want a bath before Lost.

oh yeah.. re the Monday night pub revelation.....

Jim and Carol certainly know how to spend a fiver.

and the mon night chat...

Do all you bastart guys cheat or what?