Monday, February 07, 2005

Billy nae mates

Well, ive been in edinburgh since march last year, and i can honestly say i havent found anyone who i would like to have as a pal. Is it me? I think not. It took about 9 months before the people in the "local" shop in my street started a chinwag with me, and about the same for the local boozer to acknowledge the fact that my bloke and myself have been in many times. I guess it takes time and i should join a group or something or god help me, get a hobby. My man is a guitarist so i would have thought it would be easy peasy finding fellow guitar freaks to go boozing with, but maybe not huh? Dont think we have found "the place" where they all go. Hope to god there is a "place". I dont need a best buddy or a soul mate i have them in place thank you, but a pal to go for a pint and a bitch occasionally would be great.
Other than that i think leith is magic. My weegie pals are jealous of my new abode. I dont need to go on about the great improvement etc. Everyone Knows. Im very happy in my wee flat.
New job, new pals, and ill be grand!

bored at work

My Goodness!
How many people are reading this at a desk bored as hell like me in their terrible boring job?
This is my first desk job and i cannae whack it! Even when im busy, im bored because i find it so hard to care! Jees, hiting 30 and sitting here wasting hours, weeks months doing this. EEch!
I even get fed up on the internet. How is that possible!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

ME Me ME me Me!

25 Random facts about ME

1. I was born in Newcastle but moved at 6 months old to Edinburgh say I'm English I'll greet. I moved to Glasgow when I was 14, and moved back to Edinburgh a year ago.

2. I have a cat with one eye called
Rupert who hates me.

3. I get ear ache on planes that feels like someone sticking a hot poker down my ear canals. This Limits my ambition to travel the world somewhat and it pisses me off. I have tried Valium but I am still in agony, I just don't give a fuck.

4. I dream of owning a llama. I don't know why, maybe it's their big eyelashes.

5. I have two brothers, Daniel 15 and Steven 19. Dan is a 6ft size 13 shoe surfing camping fishing dude who lives in Devon with my mum and Steven who is a constant nightmare/source of
amusement. He has Aspergers Syndrome and thinks he might be gay. He loves Marilyn Manson and Winnie the Pooh. He's at a college in Newcastle so I see him a lot more these days.

6.I never went to school. Well at least from age 13 to 16. I used to hide in wardrobes when the Truant officer came round. I just hated it. At 16 they asked me to leave so I went to college. Hated that too and my nickname was "shadow"

7. I have been with the same guy for 8 years. I am very lucky. I fancied him for years before that but he didn't know. Till I got pissed and told him.

8. My diet consists of cheese bread ham potatoes broccoli bacon eggs milk cream and pasta. I am not picky, I just have no imagination when it comes to food shopping. I hate fruit, except the ones ending in berry. Strawberry, raspberry, Cadberry...

9. I'm scared of marriage. Most likely because my parents seem to be pretty good at it.
Dad =3 Mum =4

10. I don't get football. I have many friends who do but its just never grabbed me. I don't really like any sport, but I quite like "contender" with sly.

11. Time is not my friend. I'm late all the time but seem to get away with it.

12. I love dawsons crack. I'm far too old to be watching it but there I said it. 5th series box set is out in May and I cannae wait.

13. I hate clubs. I have only been to one club in Edinburgh but it was hateful. The Bongo Club is ok but that's not really a nightclub eh? I hate nightclubs. I once faked an asthma attack to get ushered out of Archaos as quickly as possible. I also don't dance in clubs. Take me to a pub with a great band on or a concert and ill dance all night though. Its just clubs. They are shit.

14. Sting asked my mum out on a date 29 years ago. She declined as she was with my dad and preggars. With me. She said he was a bit of a nerd. How things could have been huh?

15. My dad is a musician. If Carlsberg made drummers they would look like him. Probably the best drummer in Scotland.

16. My mum is a psychic clairvoyant type person. Its a very strange thing. I have witnessed many strange things that I am confused by. I try not to think about it too much.

17. I am doing this at work. I am bored all the time and even when I have work to do I would rather do something else. I need to get another job.

18. I know lots and lots of people but I have a handful of close friends who are important to me. They are all very different and I like that. I have no friends in Edinburgh atall though!

19. I always wanted to work in TV but then when I did an HND in TV I changed my mind. Too many tossers. Now I don't know what I want to do but I have to spend a good percentage of my day doing something creative or I get miserable. Probably because my day job is totally uncreative.

20. I am a left handed piscean. This means I can't cut straight because I'm too busy dreaming.

21. I am learning how to drive. I love it but I just wish I had more cash. Once a week is not enough.

22. I'm crap with money. I would rather go out for steak one night and eat toast for the next week than live on crap dinners and stay in.

23. I worked at an infamous visitor attraction in Glasgow for 3 years. I have many stories that I could do damage with but wouldn't because I actually miss the place. Rosy tint I feel! Hint: Basil Faulty

24. I have lived in Pilton and Granton and survived. I actually preferred them to Siverknowes and Cramond.

25. Music is probably my biggest passion and I would love to be a music critic or journalist. I know what I like and I am always right. Obviously.