Thursday, June 22, 2006

Suit Jackets and sensible shoes

So I am jobless.
The shop wasn't making enough to pay my wages, and I had to go. I can't decide if I am relieved or miserable. Miserable is always easier. I could just get under the duvet, sleep for 15 hrs a day and start to smell. Fact is, I don't have that luxury. I also believe that it was the right time for this to happen. My job wasn't exactly taxing, and the money wasn't great. It was a pleasant and cushy job, but a boring one. I needed a kick up the arse to do something about it, and here it is.

I'm back in the world of interviews for jobs I will hate, faking a big grin and a warm personality. I'm raking out my smart employable clothing and trawling job sites and shopping center's for vacancies. The bugger is that I haven't been off for nearly a year, but I can't just relax and enjoy it because not having a job freaks me right out. Similar to pulling a sickie. I always found when I did that my day off was spent feeling slightly guilty about not being at work.*

Today is the end of my first day of unemployment, and hopefully I wont have too many more.

I just need to say thank you to Alan. Alan was my boss in Angelic, about 7 years ago, and we have always stayed in touch. He now has his own shop,
Cloud 9 and its really taking off for him. Ten minutes after I had told him of my misery, he came and picked me up, and drove me round suitable areas in Edinburgh for a shop of my own. We went back to his for a cuppa, where his partner Gary threw ideas and info on funding and advice at me, and I have an appointment with Business Gateway tomorrow at 2pm. He knows that I have always wanted my own shop, and he is proof that it is achievable. So I still need a job, but meantime ill get the ball rolling for a place of my own. Why the hell not. So thank you both of you. You came and did that just when I needed it. And gave me a confidence boost to boot.

"Sadie, you could sell sand to Arabs luv" were his exact words.

* To any future employees, please note that I haven't actually ever had a sickie. Well not for about a year. And I am very reliable, but time is not my friend. Thank you.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bungles Twanger

Thunderpaw sent me a link to this. Had seen it before, but forgot how class it was.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Rabid Riddlers

There is a conspiracy going on here. And I don't like it. Let me explain the turn of events to see if you agree.

1.Every night, I take my pill before bed. Last week I go to take one as usual and notice that I am near the end of my packet. I look in my drawer where I keep the six month supply, and discover that it must be six months since I got them as they are gone. In the morning I wake up extra early to call the doctors, who arrange a repeat prescription.

2. The same morning, I get to the bathroom, realise I feel a bit off, have explosive diarrhea, and have to stretch over and grab the mop bucket to be sick at the same time. That lasts for 2 days. I later discovered it was a bug that lots of the cast at the show got as well.

3. Once the bug had subsided, I pick up my prescription, and head off to the chemist. I wait for ages whilst the pharmacists talk amongst themselves, stroke chins, and look through charts and books. Then they tell me that the pill I have been on for the last 2 years, Microval, has been taken off the market, and that I will have to go back to the Doctors to get a different prescription. I go right away, and see the doctor who recommends Noriday. (I love the name, No ri Day or remora). The Doctor reminds me that as I am on a new pill, I am unprotected for 7 days.

4.Three days into the new pill, and I get toothache. The kind of toothache that hurts with hot and cold things. Which in my experience, means an abscess. Which means antibiotics. (I haven't actually been to the dentist yet. Real fear and lack of money is putting me off. So if any one can recommend a nice and painless one in edinburgh please do!)

Do you see where I am going here?

Well I tell you, o big finger waving being from above with superior power and a GSOH, you are not catching me out. You hear?
Yes, it is true that I am probably the healthiest I have been in a long time.
And its summer, and summer = randy-ness, and you have tried to get me on every angle,

But I really don't want a riddler.


Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder...