Saturday, July 23, 2005

Happy Days

Lots of good things are happening!
Alan had 4 gigs with Tam White last week, and I'm sure there will be more.

I am now a published writer. (in Italy, but hey)

Jodi has moved into her first home. Being ever organized, she had everything in place and ice cubes in the freezer within 3 hours.

I'm out learning how to drive again.

Magic Brian is over from Morocco. I know this as he called and left a message just saying he would call later. I rang the no. but it didn't work. I googled the no. and discovered he was in Cardiff. I googled Cardiff-Casablanca and guess what came up? Very cheap flights from Cardiff- to Morocco. So he is obviously on his way to weegie land. As am I, in about an hour!

I am the highest bidder on a tribble.

Martin is making my coffee for a week and Stuart is bringing me biscuits, because I showed them saucy pictures of knicker swapper.

Happy Days indeed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Getting there

My face is looking alot better now. My lips are still a bit swollen but i think I quite like it. People are saying I look better than I have in years. Must be the steroids.

Friday, July 15, 2005

You Should See the Other Guy

So I came back from T with a little more than I bargained for. No I didn't get in a fight. No Alan didn't lamp me one. Its an allergy. To Something. Three doctors and a hospital visit later, that's all I know. Most likely candidates:-

Hair Dye (yep, blonde)

Sun Cream

Lip Salve
I cant remember the other ones. That's because I'm on steroids, painkillers and Zirtek. My heeds mince. I'm completely away with it. Its fun but irritating. Ill probably get an allergy to biro ink because of the amount of things I have written on my hand. So far, I've washed my face with conditioner, looked in the fridge for my fags, left the oven on, called my moby on the house phone to locate it, to discover its in my pocket, and then tried to work out who the missed call was from. The Scottish Show has never been better, and my day job is a challenge.
The worst thing is though, I forgot Roberts Birthday.( I'm scared to write/text you as I dunno what to say, except this is the best excuse ever, but I'm still sorry. Lets get pished soon ok?)
It started with a Leslie Ash lip on Monday morning, I shat it smoked a lot , took antihisitmine and it went down. Only to move to my forehead, then my eyes the next day. This is the 3rd and final day of steroids and I'm deffo on the mend. My friends have enjoyed ripping the pish but I am very grateful because lets face it its pretty funny too. Here are some class new nicknames
Lenny the lion
Lollipop lady (big round sticky head) and my favorite, (ta John)
Puffy the Vampire Sarah.

I think ill offer a secret prize, to the best caption for my photo. Are you up for it?
You cant do the following cos I've already thought of them
I went to T in the Park and all I got was this lousy mug
Can you Tell What it is Yet?
Leith Wifey Found Smiling!

Say no to Crack

Get on it, work can wait

T post is "in progress" which basically means I've written 6 A4 pages but I'm sure Ill have about 3 lines that are usable as I did it when I was really out of it at 4 in the morning. Let me assure you though, T was FANTASTIC and I refuse something like a fly that eats shit then sucks my blood and poisions me ruin it.

I apologize if the above post makes no sense ataw but I'm mad wi it n that ken?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

High On Sky

Monday, July 04, 2005

Cabin Fever

I am still ill. I don't know what mutant virus this is but its had hold of me for a week now, and is threatening to take down Alan next. Rupert Just sneezed (!) I had to take today off too and I am beginning to worry about the crap pay ill get at the end of the month. I am more worried that I am meant to be leaving for T in 4 days. I have planned that weekend to the hilt, Christ I even have an inflatable pillow and battery operated fairy lights, but you can't plan for illness. Bastard.

Being indoors means I have watched a lot of TV, namely live8 and live8 Merica. Shouting at the telly and slagging celebrities always makes me feel better. Dido is pish isn't she??? Who did she shag? The girl has bland written all over her. And how come she got to go to Paris and do her set all over again? I fear that KT Tunstall is going that way too. Bland I mean. I downloaded her album. Dull. Sorry I digress, Paul McCartney, would you ever fuck off. Oh and Bono. don't start me. Coldplay came on and we got to see shots of apple and gwyneth at the front, cheering daddy on. Or not. Apple had a huge ear muff things on. Either she aint a fan she's a lumberjack. Then Chris introduced "the greatest living singer, with the greatest ever song" . Cue Richard Ashcroft with Bitter Suite Symphony. (?) Madonna came on, conservatively dressed, but I've heard that Guy likes her that way and feels she's getting on a bit now for pointy bras and the like. Great Choir. Joss Stone, I do like her voice but her music is shite. I think she could have picked better tunes. She's only a baby she might get there. She did well with the Godfather on Jonathan Ross. Annie Lennox, no dissing she was fab.Travis were fun but like Keane, they were good but I don't feel the need to hear the songs again. Ever. Well, apart from next weekend. Razorlight, I reckon studio wizardry is the key here. I like those singles, but I reckon they were a tad out their faces. The Killers only got one song, so I guess they were ok, but ill decide at T. Scissor Sisters cut it well I think, Elton john and Pete whatsit were pretty amusing although I'm not sure it was meant that way, as was velvet revolver. Robbie had them eating out his hand. As I knew he would. I went to see Robbie once and he really made you feel like he had acknowledged every person there. The Who rocked the joint. Roger was looking not bad at all apart from his jowls. Pink Floyd were good for a bout 2 mins then I lost interest, but that might be the painkillers. On a political note, the Americans did it in a bigger and cornier way, with Will Smith getting every one to click their fingers and cheer. It felt a bit forced, and a bit staged. I have tried several times to watch merica8 so I can see Stevie Wonder but there seems to be reams and reams of shite on and I have never got to the end.
When I was at T last year, they played footage of festivals in years gone by, back when men were men and amps were amps. It made me a bit depressed. I don't see that the festivals of today can come close to the ones my parents got to see. Sound of the 70s was on the other night and me and Alan were in silence watching these fabulous acts one after the other, like Paul Simon, Janice Ian, don McLean. Talent is what they had. And I'm not sure there are many contenders out there today. Hopefully T will prove me wrong.

I have been watching BB. A Bit. My God these people are filthy. Worse than that they are on there hoping to be in playboy or on some crap cable show. I laughed at Anthony saying that he thinks his friend, the hateful Maxwell has a better understanding of "the gays" because he works in Top Shop.

I also watched Finding Neverland. Now I love Johnny Depp, I do, but I really didn't like this film much. I think it looked great, but the script was a little patchy. And a bit long. I was hoping for a good afternoon greet but it never happened.

What does make me greet is Extreme Makeover Home Edition. That show is genius, always a sob story always a fab house at the end. So American So Big So Clever. Britain could never build a new house in 7 days. They'd run out of Tetley.

So when I'm old and my grandkids ask, "Gran did you go to G8? Did you help make poverty history?" Ill say no son, I had the flu that week, but I did watch it on telly.