Sunday, November 19, 2006

Laughing Gas

I was at my works official Christmas Party last night. I didn't want to go. I'm not good at these things. What I didn't realise till I got inside is that this is the high point in most peoples social calendar, and that a lot of effort had gone into each and every outfit. It was obvious that the women had been to the hairdressers to get strange things done to their hair, and spent a fortune on their dress. Unfortunately they all looked like shit.

The entertainment came in the form of "C.J. the D.J." and a cover band. I felt the need to make my own entertainment if I was going to last till 1am so I pulled the helium balloons off our table, pierced a hole in them, inhaled as much as I could and sang along to "daydream believer" . Then I had the whole table doing it, then we stole balloons from other tables. That continued for 3 or 4 numbers. It only has a comedy value of about 1 and a half numbers.

In true buffet style, the food looked nice but wasn't. I found myself breaking up bits of quiche and throwing them at people round the table and looking the other way. I was throwing bits of pakora, aiming for Kats cleavage when C.J. the D.J. announced that the buses were waiting outside to take us to town. The bus was full of arseholes singing hibees anthems. The bus driver was pretty unamused at this and kept pulling over until they shut up, only for them to start again singing "the driver of the bus is a jambo".
So a great time was had by all. Can hardly wait till the next one.