Saturday, September 30, 2006

Google's Relevant Images

So I am on google images, looking for pictures to go with a post I am thinking of doing.

Firstly I look for images for "Headache". (WARNING! Don't Click if you are eating.)

Then I search for "yuk".(WARNING! You probably just shouldn't click this one atall really.)

Then I forget what the hell the post I was going to do was about in the first place and go to the shops.

You Tube

That's my man that is.

He doesn't remember where this was taken and only stumbled on it this morning while looking for Fabulous Thunderbirds clips. He was quite chuffed.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pacey's Pond

I have been tidying up my music and video files on my computer today, and put everything in appropriate folders. I then chose a picture for each folder so its quicker on the eye to find. I was putting all my dawson's crack ones together( oh leave me alone aren't I allowed to like one uncool thing?) and realised I now had a great excuse to go to google images and search for a good Pacey pic.
And........ oh...... my........ god!
He is ridiculously good looking isn't he?
I named the folder Pacey's Pond.
No one liked Dawson.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yeast Infection

Last night I thought I was going to die.
I woke up to find I had an unbearable pain in my chest, and pins and needles down my arm. I couldn't breath properly. It was 4am in the morning. I cried and swore till I woke up Alan, who quickly ran through a checklist in his head.

What is wrong with her?
Is she having a heart attack?
No she is 30.
Where have I seen this behaviour before?
When she drank a real ale.
She is allergic to yeast.
What did she eat before bed?
Half a slab of brie on ryvita with mango chutney.
What's in brie?
Yeast. And Mould.
Why would anyone eat brie?

She has wind.
She thinks she's dying though.

Meantime, I'm still contorting myself into weird shapes, crying, panting, swearing and wailing. Alan got me to get out of bed and walk around, force fed me hot drinks and gave me a hot water bottle. The tea made the pain go away gradually, and after an hour or so I decided quietly that I might not be dying after all. I slinked back to the bedroom, got back in bed, and slept soundly till the morning.

Leaving Alan in the living room, wide awake.

How May I help You Today?

So as you know, I had to get a new job, again.

That's me on the left there, regaining my composure for the camera, having moments beforehand stabbed that wanker behind me in the leg with my pen.

I am nearing the end of my first week of "training", there is another 3 weeks of training/pointless quizzes and enforced team bonding sessions to go.

The weird thing is, so far, I don't hate it. There are are way too many similarities to school for my liking, such as scary cliquey girls, a shite canteen and teachers, but in the pro column is good pay, bareable shift patterns and less responsibility.

Will I be there in 3 years? Unlikely. But then that's what I said about the Science Centre.