Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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T and a nice cake

Its that time again campers. I'm in an ebay frenzie here. Selling and buying my way into a weekend of drunken debauchery.
Any one got a tent I can borrow? Gonna get those hand warmer things too, and a torch, and a mirror, and a stove. No way can I go all weekend without a cuppa. Might take some food too. One of those picnic table fold away jobs would be great.
Maybe you can't buy happiness, but luxury comes in at £50 for a chemical toilet. Could then also buy a "changing tent" and voila, your very own porta loo, exclusive to club members only. Must remember toilet roll. Forgot last year, won't be making that mistake again.
I neglect to mention that I don't drive. I will be hiking all of that onto the bus. I'm sure my pals will laugh about the amount I take with me, but by the friday night, as they chill in my tent, on my "instantbedsTM" supping freshly brewed tetley with a complimentary kit kat and taking turns of the en suite, Ill tell them all to fuck off so i can get some shut eye.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Champagne and milk?

Well thats me officially 29.
Can't say I am too pleased.
One of my presents was a bottle of champagne. Hate the stuff, so I am trying to disguise it with everything thats in the fridge. Its friday night and I find myself out of beer. Whats a girl to do. The man from del monte says no to champers. Its rank. I feel a cuppa coming on. Jees might as well get into the slippers aswell. Was gonna go check out the Port O leith Bar tonight, but the moment left me. Theres always tomorrow. The Leith Market. Just remembered. Might be good?

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