Monday, October 10, 2005

Halloween is approaching....

This post is simple.
What should I wear?
I'm in training as we speak, hopefully shed a bit before the 31st.

Wonder Woman, Jessica Rabbit or Palmer Girl?

Down boys.....

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Danger W**k

So I was saying to the Jodster the other day,
I think I might try going on a sunbed. In my day it was the toastie machine jobs and nothing else. I hated them. Now they have these ones on the left, cubicle things, that you stand in.
"I think I could handle that yeah!" I said
"And they play music, so if you dance around you can get every where done. " said the Jodster
"Great! Music too?" I said.

With that I told knicker swapper of my new foundings.
"You do know that guys wank in cubicle ones?" she said.

"Whatt???.......... Why??????" I said
Then I thought about it, and looked at the situation from a blokes perspective.
You're alone, your naked, you have 10 mins to kill...

Back to the old fake tan it is.

Look at ma girlies!

Aww bless em, This is Lauren and Christine who worked with me in St Enoch. They made me laugh and kept me going through 80hr weeks and very little reward. There was 5 of us girlies in total, and me. My boss Roy must have had a brain transplant the day he hired them all. They were all great. Oh except the one who said she was going to get air and never returned, but that was a good thing!

I met them on Friday in the worst club known to man, Wigwam, aka Reds.

These two are dancers and it's always a pleasure to watch them do their stuff on the dancefloor whilst every bloke there has the same stunned expression on the face. A sort of cross between "am i dead cos this is heaven?" and "can i get arrested for watching this?

Heres to ya, keep smiling, stop drinking blue stuff and NEVER get a proper job x

Age of Aquarius

I have six days left in my old job before I head for shinier sparklier new shores. I think I have made the right move, I hope I have made the right move. I will miss the boys and their banter.
I work alone in my new job but I can listen to great music all day and play around with pretty things. I'm good at that. It also gives me a great excuse to buy clothes, as I think in order to sell there I need to look good. If not good, girlie. Keep my nails good and do my hair in the mornings. I get to wear anything I like, no more black and I get to "model" (I use the term loosely) the jewellery in the hope of selling it. I actually sold every item of jewellery I had on last weekend.

Just wish I had a break in between jobs, a wee holiday would have been good. Cant have it all though. Still, I'm looking forward to it. Change is as good as a rest. And I will stop looking like I have opened my eyes, panicked about the time, thrown clothes on and ran out the door, which I invariably have.