Monday, May 29, 2006

Remember This?

Quality Entertainment. I can't get past 12. Obviously thats because my mouse keeps jamming...

Friday, May 26, 2006


I Love this man.

Why? Do I hear you cry?

Is it his rugged good looks? No
His cute wee hat? No, although I am partial to a man in a hat.
Is it because he is a Super-Flexer? Could come in handy but no.

I Love this man because today he gave me two tickets for
Indian Summer.
His name is Fraser and he is a DJ for the fine station that is Xfm Scotland.

Thank you Fraser for picking me as the winner. I do apologise for rambling on air for all the world to hear, but my 30 seconds of fame were pretty nerve wracking! I had just been reading about that festival and thought how nice it would be to have more money and be able to just buy tickets for things on a whim.

As they say in the weege, Ya Wee Belter!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Car Crash T.V.

So I said I wouldn't watch it this year, but last night I'm glad I did. Day 1 and already one of the freaks well, freaks. Over the lack thereof of the above. If you are too cool to watch BB, get over yourself and catch it again here. She is Clip of the Day, but I imagine she will be clip of the year. There is a small coincidence here though. I was talking to Lorraine yesterday about how good I am and that this is week four of my healthy eating and I'm drinking lots of water. (I had a relapse last night, a kebab and a box of Quality Street.) She informed me that tap water is infact better than bottled water as bottled could be on the shelf for years. Makes sense, but then she told me that tap water although filtered can still contain traces of other peoples medication, such as the pill and antidepressants. Not that either of those getting into my blood stream would be a bad thing but what about everything else? Ritalin, Diocalm, Methedone, Betablockers?

So the BB freak was right. Oh my god!




I'm away to Argos.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Myspace or Yours?

I have a new obsession.
Not sure how long this one will last.
I've been told it is 100% "gay" to have your own Myspace.

Don't care.
Tom Jones is my friend and Joe Tex left me a comment.
So there.

Later, Jools

So Jools Holland is back on. Thats good eh? Not because I like Jools, but because it is pretty much the only decent music programme on the box. When I switched on I got Gnarls. That was pretty good, well the wee blokie was good. would quite like to cuddle him. He's got a teddy bear thing going on. Then came snow patrol. For the love of god what is that all about. Firstly the music was pretty dull. But more annoying was the very strange body movements of the lead singer. He was dressed in a sort of school uniform, but his body was all contorted and shaky. He looked like a 12 yr old waiting to be told he could go for a pee. I guess he was just getting lost in the music. Wank.
But, not to be upstaged, they finish with these art school tossers, Franz Ferdinand. As you may know, I saw them last year and left incredibly irritated by their smug faces and lack of respect for musical equipment and cameramen. Not to mention the repetitive nature of their material. Just looking at that picture makes me want to slap the screen. So they start their number, and one of them runs up to the drummer and starts thrashing away at the cymbals. Then other, then another, till they are all jumping up and down hitting the kit. Grrrrrr. it was just so...naff. Unnecessary. Wank like. I sooooo hate them. And i sooo didn't want to. I like to support Scottish bands but I just can't do it with them. What say you?

Goodnight America, wherever you are.

Wish they would bring this show back. Jack 'Nighthawk' Killian or Gary cole was pretty sexy. Can we start a petition or something?
Got to be comedy value in it for us too. Not sure it would have aged too well. Would be a better choice of re run than bloody Diagnosis: Murder or Quincy. Don't cha think?

Friday, May 05, 2006


Its 4.23 am. I'm just in the door. Espionage. Tis bad. Gotta be up in 5hrs. There has been lotsa butt feeling. I nearly won £500 in Frankensteins. Didn't pick the right key for the safe. Bugger eh? Settled for more wine. I don't drink wine, normally. Now I'm mortal. But never mind cos apparently I'm "kinda gorgeous". Kinda eh?
Someone help me. Its not healthy.
For me to feel this way.
Y.O.U. are making this hard.
You got me tossin' and turnin' and can't sleep at night.
Lala lala lala lala Ohhh