Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Magnets

I am just back from seeing The magnets. My Dad had seen them previously and he promised me that they were not to be missed. He wasn't too far wrong.

I thought the weirdest thing I had seen at the Festival this year would be the shop up past greyfriars where you watch through the window as the odd person dances about on a floor laced with petals. I was wrong.
Imagine a boyband who can actually sing live. Try.
Imagine a boyband who have talent and stage presence.
Did you say G4? Are you taking the p**s?
You aint even close.

Are they a boyband? Lets see.....
There are six of them, check
They wear the same suit, check
They freely admit to spending an unhealthy amount of time doing their hair (all bar 1) check,
They gyrate around a lot, and fly across the stage on their knees, check
They have no backing tapes or instruments,
They cover songs giving them their own slant
They take the pish out of themselves,
They do all of the above really really well.

For at least the first 5 minutes, I found my brain struggling to catch on. Questions like What noise is coming from which bloke? How do you find out you can do something like that? All whilst smiling madly in shock.
Andy Frost, Darren Days doppleganger, is the beatbox man. I would love to get him round for dinner, or maybe just keep him in a cupboard. Then, after dinner he could jump out to entertain my guests, marking the evening a great success. I get the sense that Kim wants to do more with him than that, as she goes red and schoolgirly when she talks about him.

It is also good to know that there is infact a guy walking the planet who looks more like Harry Hill than Alan does. Colin on the bass, made noises that made my stomach jiggle. He needs a better name though. "Colin" just isn't Mr Loverman enough

Highlights for me were "This Love" and "Nobody Does it Better" but Darren Days solo, straight into Billy Jean was a jaw dropper.

So to sum up...It was different, It was cheesy, It was fun, It was great.

They also have a blog, so they must be good guys eh?

They are on Sunday and Monday night only at the Assembly Rooms. Go see what you think.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Bugger it

Im well shattered today, and I went to bed early. Why does that happen? This meant I missed Extras, Cath Tate and Absolute Power. AGAIN! And I have only seen two Still Games. Gutted. I have seen all of Lost though, and I like it in a kind off "my god what a shit day lets see if theres something really daft and entertaining on." Love the Stepfather guy, Locke. Alan clocked him right away and knew he'd be a psycho.

Got dull jobs to do but its Friday, and like Monday, I don't think I should bust a gut worrying about it/caring. Yep that promotion is coming, I can smell it.

Isn't the year flying in! Is it only me who gets depressed by that? Must be my age, big 3 0 looming. I have also decided I can't be doing next year what I'm doing this year. Time to get motivated. And loaded. Who are these buggers on the "buy a house" tv programmes same age as me, with £456,000 to spend on a crash pad in london, and £320,000 on a villa in Tuscany. I want to be
"I fancy Rome"
"But we are in Paris!"
"So we are! Then we shall get a taxi" Rich.
How is this possible? If you are rich can you tell me how you did it? Ive worked hard all my life now no help from my friends, Oh Lord wont you buy me a mercedes benz.

Monday, August 22, 2005


So you missed me then eh?
Well... Good.
I have so much to tell and such little energy/brain power to do it with!
No sympathy eh? Cheers.
Ok so I have't written for a wee while because:-

a) I'm Lazy?
b) I forgot I had a blog? or
c) I have worked 14 odd days in a row, whilst having my 2 brothers to stay for almost 3 weeks.

Still no sympathy? Heartless Bastards.

So since I last "blogged",

The restauraunt below me thought it may be fun to smoke in a cupboard, stub it out on a boiler, and start a wee fire,

I have had 2 firemen in my bedroom, (Ahh takes me back. Stunning they were, stunning!), and 5 fire engines outside.

Knicker Swapper, Jodsta and I have taken Martin all over town, and then some, but he wasn't actually there,

Alan Davies really is a wanker,

Inch Hi really is an utter bastard,

I served a pretty darn famous celeb and I have her address and mobile no, and she wasn't particularly pleasant,

I have a new job p/t in a beautiful shop and I get to do windows and play with pretty things,

I saw wee Austin in a fringe thing,

I went to the SpiegalTent with my brother Steven and the rest of the gang and he had a fab time and was lovely all evening,

Saw this band on TV and realised they live in my close,

Got in touch with Wee Ann who isnae sai wee anymore, well until hogmany anyway. She's Keith Cheggars!,

Watched an entire audience leave Stewart Lee's Gig in utter disgust shouting "we want a refund" and "don't go and see Stewart Lee!" You would think the latter statement wouldn't need to be said but hey,

Fallen in love with this hotel,

and this blokes voice, and I told him too!

If you want me to go into more detail on any of these wee snippets of my life, I shall on request.

and the T in the Park article? Lost it. AGAIN.

But I have updated my Flikr foties.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Radio Gaga

Easiest job in the world???
Radio 1 DJ.
It appears that radio 1 only have 5 singles to choose from between the hours of 9 and 5pm.

I predict a riot
When September ends
That White Stripes one
That Foo Fighters one "THE BEST THE BEST..."
and my particular favourite......
go on guess.....

James effing Blunt and his "You re Beautiful" effort.

Him and Dido should just get married, have weans and populate the world with more mindless pap.
No not pop, I meant pap.

I think hearing these songs repeatedly is making me ill. And that's coming from someone who has endured Roys Music in the Gsc, The Edinburgh Castle giftshop, and the Scottish Show.

"Oh we re no awaw tae bide awaw. No we re no awaw tae leave yeh...."