Friday, September 16, 2005

All that is Left is Lost

So I have just seen a bit of the Friday Night Easties, and decided that yes definitely the script writers have just lost all enthusiasm for their job.

If you found out your husband shagged your sister, would you
a) stab him in the bawbags
b) give him a cuddle and forgive him
c) forgive him and have a quick shag on the kitchen table whilst said sister is upstairs.

Also what made Shane I mean Alfie so damn irresistible anyhow?
The man owns one coat, 3 shirts( circa 1989 Simple Minds-esque) and some shitey "Stawl" that sells stuff cancer research would knock back.
I think. Don't actually watch it that much as
a) its pish and
b) I don't really need to as the plots are the same for weeks.

And Alfie MUST have known little, irritating, slappable Mo wouldn't put out for him. Maybe he just needed his 3 shirts ironed.
Trevor has the right idea

I do kind of like Cat though, I don't think she can be blamed entirely for the piss poor plot lines and "when I wis litiwl and raped by me unkle me dad didn't know then took me baiybee zowee" history.

Easties demise started when Barry "fell" off the cliff. Or maybe even before. This annoys me as it is the only soap I kinda watch and if I give up on Easties as well, all that is left is Lost.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dreams can come true....

I met huey last night.
I met Huey last night.
Last night I met Huey
Huey i met last night

Doesn't matter what way I say it, I still can't fu**ing believe it.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Angel at my Table

I've had a weird day. I can't really share with the world why it was weird, so just accept that it was. Celestine prophecies weird, coincidences, cause and effect, messages from "angels", type day. They say things come in threes. I got my 3 in 1 day.
I also managed to lose my jacket somewhere between the waverly steps and the bus stop on the bridges. It was hanging over my bag and must have fallen off. Ying and Yang eh? I was more bothered about losing my pin that was on it. It was only 50p but I liked it and won't be able to replace it. Ha ha reminds me of when Carrie lost her chippy bird necklace in Paris.

Anyway, less pressing matters,

Was out in Glasgow on Saturday, had a fun evening, even though my "husband" went off with another woman and got knicker swapper to pass on the goodnight kiss on his behalf. Divorce is in the post. Unless you take me to Chicago.
I danced for a lot of the evening, which is pretty unusual, but I was in fury's and I quite enjoy taking the Michael there. Start the lawnmower, put on your seatbelt, put the towels in the cupboard type stuff. And lots of throwing my hands in the air and pogoing. Had a killer headache this morning. Stella. Tis Bad.

and finally,

Shane McGowan, Shaun Ryder, or Ozzy Osbourne?